HeTaiDa temporal artery scanning thermometer – 8816 series

Product brochure

Product brochure

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Product information

Because the temporal artery is directly connected to the heart through the carotid artery, it has the constant blood flow required for accurate measurement. The measured temperature is relatively stable and close to the temperature of the human heart. Compared with spot-type forehead thermometers, it has higher accuracy and can more accurately reflect changes in body temperature or fever.

HeTaiDa prefrontal temporal artery scanning thermometer captures the infrared heat naturally released from the skin above the temporal artery by non-contact scanning the forehead, acquires more than 1000 per second, and selects the most accurate temperature value through the arterial thermal balance calculation. The accurate and stability of measurement data are verified by laboratory blackbody test and clinical and have been awarded the FDA certification.

After adjusting to the object temperature mode, it can measure the temperature of liquids, food and the indoor temperature.

Technical specification

Measurement Unit ℃/℉
Operating mode Adjusted mode (Body mode) / Direct mode (Surface mode)
Reference Body Site Axillary
Measuring Site Forehead
Rated output range Body mode: 34.0℃ – 43.0℃/93.2°F -109.4°F
Surface mode: 0℃ – 100℃/32℉ – 212℉
Laboratory Accuracy Body mode: 34.0℃ – 34.9℃:±0.3℃/ 93.2°F -94.8°F:±0.5°F; 35.0℃ – 42.0℃:±0.2℃/95.0°F -107.6°F:±0.4°F; 42.1℃ – 43.0℃:±0.3℃/107.8°F -109.4°F: ±0.5°F; Surface mode: ±2℃/±3.6°F.
Display resolution 0.1℃/0.1℉
Three-color Backlight (Color Alarm) Green – Normal Temperature (35.5-37.3°C / 95.9-99.1°F) Yellow – Slight fever (37.4-38.0°C (Alarm point) / 99.3-100.4°F) Red – High fever (38.1-43.0℃ / 100.6-109.4°F) Note: 1. Surface mode is always with green backlight 2. In body mode 34.0-35.4°C is with green light
Auto Power Off Time ≤18s
Measuring Time ≤2S
Measuring Distance 1-5cm (0.4 in -2.0in)
Memories 50
Power Supply Requirements
Batteries 1.5V (AAA) Alkaline battery x 2 (IEC type LR03)
Adaptable Range 2.6V~3.6V
Operating Condition Operating Temperature: 15℃ – 40℃ (59°F -104°F) Relative Humidity ≤85%, atmospheric pressure 70 kPa -106 kPa
Transport and Storage Condition Storage temperature -20°C -55°C (-4 °F – 131°F) Relative Humidity ≤93%, atmospheric pressure 70 kPa -106 kPa
Dimension and Weighting
Weight (without batteries) 80 g
Size L:122 x W: 96 x H: 42
Equipment classification Safety standards: EN 60601-1:2006 + A1:2013; EN 60601-1-2: 2015
Type of protection Internally powered equipment (on battery power)
Front panel and case labeling EN ISO15223-1:2012
Temperature EN ISO80601-2-56:2017
Home healthcare environment EN 60601-1-11:2015
Safety classification of ME equipment
Protection against electric shock Internally powered ME equipment
Protection against harmfull ingress of water or particulate matter IP22
Mode of operation Continuous operation