EMCOOLS HypoCarbon®


The EMCOOLS Flex.Pad is a skin-friendly, non-invasive surface cooling system that is used for temperature reduction in patients of at least 35kg body weight when therapeutic hypothermia or normothermia treatment is clinically indicated (Hyperthermia, Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, Sepsis, Septic Shock, Traumatic Brain Injury and Fever as well as local pain relief in Blunt Trauma, e.g. in Soft Tissue Injury, and Post-surgical Rehabilitation).


Up to 75% of all critically ill patients suffer from fever,
a symptom which is known as a predictor for poor outcome or death.

Guidelines of various notable organisations like that
of the Brain Trauma Foundation outline the importance
of rapid fever treatment.

Especially in conditions of lifethreatening fever or ineffectiveness of antipyretic medication, quick cooling is essential for the patient´s outcome. Both surface cooling systems of EMCOOLS, Flex.Pad and Brain.Pad have proven to be safe and highly efficient in fever treatment in various indications like e.g. TBI, stroke or sepsis.

With only a few pads a temperature reduction of up to 3.0°C/hour can be reached. The pads are easily prepared for use in a regular freezer and applied within a minute.

EMCOOLS HypoCarbon® Pads

  • Easy preparation and quick application
  • High mobility and patient access
  • Transparent and safe for X-Ray, CT and MRI
  • Simultaneous cooling of many patients

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